Raceway –waterproof

RESOFLOOR® Raceway waterproof is a 100% waterproof flooring that, due to its integrated raceway on the back side, enables a subsequent, invisible cable laying. There has long been the need for such a product, and the RESOFLOOR® Raceway waterproof now meets this need.

The floor consists of a RESOPAL surface that has been specifically created for intensive use in commercial areas. The floor’s extremely high shock and impact resistance results from a 1 mm thick HPL layer on the front and backside. Thanks to this ORIGINAL RESOPAL® surface, it is also scratch-, scuff-, abrasion-, and slip-resistant (EM, WH), non-staining, highly lightfast, non-porous and thus absolutely hygienic, easy to maintain and does not react to most chemicals and cleaning agents. The biologically and ecologically harmless, waterproof purenit® substrate is made from recycled polyurethane and integrates an invisible raceway.

Because of its 20 mm thickness the laying of several layers and/or a subfloor is unnecessary.

The 1180 x 300 mm panels give a dynamic dimension to interior designing. The high-strength, patented click connection (5 G/Välinge) allows a glueless laying without any mechanical fasteners – the panels can be removed and, due to their durability, used over and over again.

To complement our RESOFLOOR® Raceway waterproof, we offer a complete flooring system with aluminum corners, floor connection profiles, double-sided adhesive tape for the fixing of the profiles on the subfloor and an impact sound insulation with integrated vapour barrier.

Using conventional carpenter’s tools, additional cable raceways can subsequently be cut on the backside.